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Hitting the Road Less Traveled 


Did you know that a professional beer-pong player, a medical actress, a serial entrepreneur, and many other interesting folks with off-the-beaten-track jobs live in the area? As it turns out, 85086 is full of residents with some pretty fascinating things going on––and we haven’t even scratched the proverbial surface! Who says you have to follow a traditional career path? Not the local folks featured on pages 38–43! Check out what some of your neighbors do for a living and how they earned their unusual jobs in this month’s cover story.

But they’re not the only lucky ones in the area. Our readers and fans can get in on some winning action by reading the magazine and following us on Facebook. Recently, we gave away five sets of tickets to Wet ’n’ Wild to people who posted a photo with a copy of 85086 Magazine on Check out some of the entries, and keep your eyes peeled for some more fun 85086 giveaways.


Now, sit back and enjoy this issue, which is, as always, chock-full of the wonderful people, places, and stories that compose the fabric of the neighborhood.


Adam & Matthew Toren

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