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Meet the Promise of the Future!


This month, we’re pleased to present you with some of the brightest and athletically inclined seniors from Boulder Creek High School’s class of 2015. Chosen by the counseling and athletic departments, these young adults are high achievers that will take a piece of our community out into the great wide world as they each embark on new journeys upon graduation. Check out what’s next for these seniors on page 36, and learn more about these outstanding local youths who’ve made the most of their time at BCHS.

Meanwhile, we said it last year and we’re saying it again this year––people love their pets! Once again, we received dozens upon dozens of adorable pet submissions from their adoring owners. Our second annual 85086 Cutest Pet Contest is bigger than ever and yielded a robust field of dogs along with some cats, a few tortoises, two horses, a bearded dragon, and a duck! The duck contestant is a first, and we do have to agree with its owner—it’s one of the cutest ducks we’ve seen.

Of course, we were bowled over by all the cuteness, so it’s a good thing that it’s not up to us to decide the winner. Based on reader feedback, we tweaked some elements of the contest for the second go-around; although once again, it’s up to you to pick the pet that’ll get the star 85086 treatment that includes a professional photo shoot and a spot on our May cover, along with a feature story and prizes. To vote for your favorites, just follow the directions on page 42. matthew-sig

As a side note, we also want to encourage everyone to keep this community contest fun and lighthearted and to remember that all the animal contestants are ultimately winners because they have homes with loving owners. Considering that so many dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals end up in shelters––or worse, living on the streets, neglected, becoming victims of cruelty, or dead––the simple fact is that any pet lucky enough to have a caring home comes out ahead.

Let the voting begin!


Adam and Matthew Toren


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