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Top Dog!


Our second 85086 Cutest Pet Contest was a success and minus some of the hiccups from last year. Pet owners from around the area shared the most adorable photos of their beloved critters and actively solicited votes for their pets across social media. And a big thank-you to all the participants for keeping the contest fun and lighthearted in keeping with the community spirit.

This year’s Cutest Pet winner is an American pit bull terrier named Grace that was adopted by locals Jacob and Robyn Marshall. At two months old, Grace was at the pound after having been saved from a backyard breeder. The couple took Grace home with what was initially diagnosed as kennel cough, only to find out their new dog had distemper, a disease that has a fatality rate at over 80 percent for puppies and has no known cure. The duo brought Grace back from the brink of death. In turn, Grace immediately captured their hearts with her love and affection. While Grace is now a star thanks to 1,493 votes and a spot on our cover, her presence in the Marshall household is where she shines the brightest and brings joy to her family. Meanwhile, a shout-out goes out to a cuddly puppy named Melody that came in a close second with 1,268 votes, and a most unusual third-place finisher rounded out the top three with a respectable 268 votes. He’s an Indian runner duck named Frozen, and we were so curious about how one keeps a pet duck that we had to learn more. Find out how daffy a duck parent can be in the cover story starting on page 34. matthew-sig

If you can pull yourself away from Grace’s heartwarming tail––er, tale––check out all the other local folks we’re celebrating in this issue, including some outstanding senior athletes from Anthem Prep. After reading last month’s issue, a reader reached out to tell us how much they enjoyed our cover story on the top seniors from Boulder Creek High School’s class of 2015 but wondered why we didn’t feature any students from Anthem Prep. So, this month, we introduce you to five athletes from that school who are stars on and off the field.

There’s much more, of course, so sit back and enjoy!


Adam & Matthew Toren


Grace, the 85086 Cutest Pet winner

Photo by Shannon Fisher Photography

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