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 What Does It Take to Be a Lifeguard?



With five children between the two of our families, we know that safety around and in water is paramount. We frequently take our kids over to the Anthem Community pool, especially during the hot summer months, and we feel an extra amount of comfort knowing that there are trained lifeguards watching over not only our young ones but also other members of the community who are there to chill out and enjoy the community’s fun amenities, too.

As we were sitting around the ACC pool a couple weeks ago, we found ourselves wondering what sort of training and skills lifeguards need to have. With that in mind, 85086 Magazine chatted with ACC aquatics and program manager Desiree Valdivia along with Trey Watmore and Taylor Ellsworth, two of the 60 lifeguards on her staff, to find out. Head on over to page 42 to learn what it takes to become an ACC lifeguard. For those of you interested in becoming a member of this dedicated group for the 2016 summer season, there’s info on that, too.

Continuing in our community style, local Lydia O’Connor takes us glamping on page 50. We were unfamiliar with the concept until reading her column, but now that we know what it’s all about, well, we just may have to try it. Those who like the idea of camping without the whole roughing it element will certain like having all the comforts of home that glamping provides. With temps hitting triple digits, July seems like the perfect month to rent a luxury RV and hit the open road, don’t you think? matthew-sig

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, one of the most American of holidays, think about this: 100 degrees + lots of houses + loosely regulated explosives––what could possibly go wrong in this equation? Well, our resident meteorologist, Shelley Sakala, is on hand on page 22 to make sure nothing gets blown up in 85086 this month!

Switching gears, we’re working on our August Back-to-School Issue. Please send us all your upcoming school-related news so that we can keep the community up to speed on local educational opportunities. See you next month!






ACC lifeguards Trey Watmore and Taylor Ellsworth



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