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We’re excited to unveil what is surely becoming our annual Resolutions Issue. Team 85086 onceagain hit the streets to find out what you and your neighbors have planned for the new year. What was different this year, and what came as very energizing news, is that nearly everyone in the community that our team randomly spoke with has read 85086 Magazine. The three folks who hadn’t previously heard of the magazine recently started commuting to the area for work but mentioned they’ll be sure to pick it up going forward.

What this indicates is that we’ve made large strides in solidifying the magazine’s position as your hometown publication, which was one of our goals this time last year. However, this isn’t the type of goal that we know we’ll ever fully reach because we recognize that it’s one that we’ll continually need to strive for. There’s no resting on our laurels here. As we move forward into 2015, our focus is on showcasing you, the community, more than ever.

With that in mind, check out what your friends and neighbors say are their goals and resolutions for the months ahead, starting on page 34. In the feature, you’ll also learn that there’s a new local pizza place, GIO’S Pizza, opening up in Anthem in early 2015. We caught up with the owners as they were working on their new restaurant space, and they told us that their resolution is to provide the best New York-style pizza in the area. We can’t wait to try it out. Meanwhile, one of the most interesting goals for the months ahead was from Steve Scott, who plans on driving a Formula One car this year. That’s definitely one of our favorites—we’ll have to put it on our bucket list. matthew-sig

Of course, there’s more to get you started on the year ahead. We’ve direct-dialed you into the community through recipes for a home-run Super Bowl dish, the secret behind a heartwarming old-fashioned chicken soup, the latest news coming out of the athletic department at Boulder Creek High School, a stop in to Caurus Academy to meet Principal Dameon Blair, and a whole lot more between our pages. Don’t forget to check back in each month for a behind-the-scenes look at your neighborhood, because this magazine is all for you!

Wishing you the best in your 2015 efforts!


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