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We’re introducing our first philanthropy issue, in which we celebrate the people and organizations making this community (and the Valley at large) a better place. According to the Arizona Giving and Volunteer Report of 2010, 32 percent of women and 33 percent of men in Arizona volunteer their time somewhere. Based on our firsthand experience in the North Valley, we have no doubt that this area has a tremendous amount of residents giving their time and efforts to those less fortunate. It seems that everyone we come in contact with spends some time volunteering. It’s very inspiring!

Take, for instance, Anthem’s Curt Wacasey, who’s taken his passion for running and turned it into a way to help assuage the large worldwide death toll associated with dehydration. Through his participation in Water for Our World, Curt has seen wells for clean drinking water successfully built in Zimbabwe, El Salvador, Kenya, Liberia, and other countries during his three years with WFOW. Through hard work, marathon races, and seven years of passionately successful run teams, WFOW has been raising money to raise awareness about dehydration, provide education about the gravity of the situation, and find successful, plausible solutions.


We Care Anthem is another example of an organization doing good in our community. We Care Anthem is a nonprofit organization that helps seriously ill children and their families, and its members believe that any time that someone helps a child in crisis—even just a little—it can make a difference. Katie Wagner and her parents are just one of the many families to benefit from We Care Anthem’s efforts. While Katie battled a rare form of cancer and ultimately lost the fight, We Care Anthem rallied around her and her family.

Meanwhile, we welcome a new philanthropic organization to the area, Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation, which recently moved to their new facility in New River. The Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge has been dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating neglected and abused animals since 2005.

These dynamic people and organizations are just a few examples of those giving back in our community. Check out page 36 to read more. Of course, there are so many more people in the area doing good, and we want to hear from them, not just in time for a special philanthropy issue but year round! Keep us in the loop with stories on all local volunteer efforts so that we can help celebrate, amplify, and share these efforts with our readers.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention all the festivities surrounding the holidays. 85086 Magazine has you covered. Inside, you’ll find clever crafting, entertaining, cooking tips, and more to make this your best season yet. Enjoy!




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